Bike Lane Cameras Might Crack Down On Unlawful Parkers: Report


NEW YORK CITY – City council could roll out cameras targeting parked cars and vans blocking bike lanes in New York City.

NY1 reported that officials are considering a system similar to the one that only monitors bus lanes where tickets can be issued to violators caught on camera.

The move is being considered in response to nearly 18,000 complaints about vehicles parked on bike lanes in 2019, NY1 reported. The numbers fell significantly in the past year due to coronavirus restrictions, the news channel reported.

NY1 said the council looked into this at a meeting on Tuesday. “I think we will seriously think about how to proceed,” said Acting Transport Commissioner Margaret Forgione, according to NY1.

“I definitely want to acknowledge that, as a city, we want to achieve better enforcement results to keep people safe.”

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