CEO’s of Teladoc, CloudMD, 1life Healthcare, and Oak Avenue Well being, Talk about How They’re Driving Explosive Income Progress with Innovation and New Market Expansions


NEW YORK, Nov. 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Wall Street Reporter, the trusted name in financial news since 1843, has posted reports of the latest executive comment and insight on: 1life Healthcare (NASDAQ: ONEM), CloudMD (OTC: DOCRF ) (TSX.V: DOC), Teladoc Health (NYSE: TDOC), and Oak Street Health (NYSE: OSH).

The explosive growth of virtual care services and digital transformation will overcome the pandemic. In the meantime, corporate customers benefit from innovative health services for their employees. Wall Street Reporter highlights the latest comments from industry leaders:

Jason Gorevic, CEO of Teladoc Health (NYSE: TDOC): “The trend towards virtual care is only accelerating – and it will persist (beyond the pandemic)”

“… We have reported another quarter with a significant outperformance in all important financial and operational key figures, which is supported by broad dynamics throughout the company. The ongoing pandemic has underscored the critical role virtual care plays across the healthcare system, and we continue to see increasing adoption by consumers, customers and providers … This broad strength resulted in record sales of $ 289 million in the third quarter. an increase of 109% compared to the same period last year, including organic sales growth of around 90%. The strength shown in our various channels, products and regions, combined with a robust pipeline of new opportunities, continues to give us tremendous confidence in the future prospects for the business.

“We continue to see strong signs of continued virtual care utilization … A clear driver of this strength has been the steady and broad-based acceleration of our visits to non-infectious diseases. Visits for conditions such as high blood pressure, back pain, anxiety and depression account for more than half of our general medical visit volume, down from about 1/3 a year ago, as our comprehensive portfolio of services enables us to meet the increasing consumer demand for virtual care. ”

“… The dynamism of growth in special visits combined with the growing variety of diagnoses and the robust growth in overall registrations continues to give us a high level of confidence in the sustainability of our volume growth. This also confirms our strategy of consistently expanding the clinical scope of our services. This will take a quantum leap forward when we include Livongo’s skills, which are geared towards helping people with chronic conditions. “

Teladoc Health (NYSE: TDOC) earnings highlights for the third quarter of 2020:

Dr. Essam Hamza, CEO of CloudMD (OTC: DOCRF) (TSX.V: DOC): “CloudMD: The Future of Healthcare Is Here NOW”

The next moderator of the SUPER STOCK conference, CloudMD (OTC: DOCRF) (TSX.V: DOC), CEO Dr. Healthcare focused on “whole person health” – including mental health – gives patients access to all aspects of their care from their phone, tablet or desktop computer. With a recent (oversubscribed) capital increase, CloudMD is now entering the next exciting phase of growth – expansion into corporate health services and new markets.

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CloudMD (OTC: DOCRF) NEXT SUPER STOCK video playback:

Amir Rubin, Chairman and CEO of 1life Healthcare (NASDAQ: ONEM): “New market expansions offer long growth paths”

“… Our number of members in the quarter passed the half-million mark. Third quarter membership growth accelerated to 29% year over year, with both consumer and corporate channels seeing momentum that allowed us to hit our year-end membership forecast a quarter earlier than a single quarter with total net sales of $ 102 million Dollars in the third quarter, up 46% year over year. We achieved a care margin of $ 42.9 million, or 42% of net sales, and positive adjusted EBITDA of $ 3.5 million, or 3% of net sales. These margin results show the strong leverage components of our model. “

“In addition to the continued high level of member satisfaction with One Medical, employers have continued to see the power of our model to promote employee wellbeing and productivity, reduce health care spending, and facilitate re-entry into the workplace during COVID. 19. … In the third quarter, we established relationships with corporate customers in the fields of education, financial services, entertainment, retail, media, real estate, biotechnology, hospitality and nonprofits, among others. “

“… We now operate in 12 markets in the US that are up 50% in the past 18 months. In the course of 2020, we opened up new markets in cooperation with new and existing partners in the health network. We plan to have a physical presence in 17 markets by the end of 2021, a 40% increase over our 12 markets today and more than double the markets we were in 18 months ago. Our partnerships and market expansions provide long routes for growth and returns as we increase our reach and value proposition for businesses and consumers while leveraging our technology and operational infrastructure. “

1life Healthcare (NASDAQ: ONEM) Highlights of the results in the third quarter of 2020:

Mike Pykosz, CEO of Oak Street Health (NYSE: OSH): “Leading the way in primary care for older adults”

“… Our performance in the third quarter demonstrated the financial and operational strength of Oak Street’s business model. We posted record sales of $ 217.9 million, which is the high end of the benchmark we’ve been reporting to investors. This corresponds to an increase of 57% over Q3 2019 … We looked after around 59,500 high-risk patients, an increase of 38% over Q3 2019. We achieved this patient growth despite essentially halting our public relations and marketing efforts Early spring to midsummer due to uncertainties about COVID.

“… We continue to strive to expand our network of de novo centers. In addition to the 16 we opened in the first 9 months of 2020, we expect to open an additional 6 to 8 standalone centers in the fourth quarter, bringing us to 22 to 24 openings for the year excluding our Walmart centers .. We are also fully focused on driving growth within our existing infrastructure. As a reminder, a typical center on Oak Street can serve approximately 3,500 patients at full capacity, which means our portfolio of 67 stand-alone centers can serve approximately 235,000 patients at the end of the quarter, which is more than 3.5 times the number of actual patients our platform in the third quarter. We are constantly refining, expanding and improving our outreach processes and integrating the lessons from our history … “

Oak Street Health (NYSE: Osh) Highlights of the results in the third quarter of 2020:


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