COVID-19 hospitalizations surge in Western New York; focus now on flattening hospital admissions


The latest data from NYS ‘regional COVID-19 dashboard shows there were 273 people with COVID in WNY hospitals two days ago – the highest point in the pandemic.

BUFFALO, NY – West New York hospital stays have reached their highest-ever level during the coronavirus pandemic.

The latest data from New York State’s regional COVID-19 dashboard shows that two days ago there were 273 people with COVID-19 in hospitals in western New York – the highest point in the pandemic.

“With the spread of the living room, lack of masking, social distancing, and hand washing, we’ve seen a surge that will really dwarf what we saw this spring,” said Mark Sullivan, President and CEO of Catholic Health.

The state reports that there are about 50 patients in intensive care – that’s dramatically fewer than the first wave. And there are some positive developments as to why that is.

“We have a better way to treat these patients,” said Charlene Ludlow, chief safety officer at ECMC. “Now there are some drugs, there is the plasma, there are various treatments that we know better now than we did in the spring when we were first affected.”

Local hospital officials tell us that capacity is not really an issue at the moment. One reason for this is that COVID-19 patients stay in hospitals for shorter periods of time. At ECMC, for example, hospital stays averaged around 17 days during the first wave, now it’s eight days.

“Part of that is again the different populations and the patients we deal with,” Ludlow said. “The average age of the patient was slightly older in the spring and depends on the comorbidities and the patient’s ability to recover.”

And many hospitals learned in the first wave how more capacities can be created, e.g. B. The postponement of elective surgeries Catholic Health has been doing for the next two weeks.

“Anything that includes the word ‘elective’ we should really stop and say there is a way to increase the workforce and footprint in our buildings,” said Sullivan.

The hospital capacity is constantly being reviewed.

“Right now we’re just watching the bed numbers and making sure we have a healthy staff who take care of any patients who come in,” Ludlow said.

Local hospital officials continue to urge people to adhere to COVID-19 restrictions, especially during the holiday season here.

Kaleida Health released a statement that said:

“Our COVID positive inpatient numbers continue to rise, which is consistent with what we are seeing all over West New York. Fortunately, we don’t see the demand or the need for as much intensive occupancy as in spring. However, this does not reduce the seriousness of the situation. While we are well positioned and prepared to deal with this second wave, we really need the community’s help with the three Ws: wearing a mask, washing their hands, and observing their distance. If only to protect the frontline healthcare workers who deal with COVID every day. “

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