Daniel Jones dropped the proper bluff on his well being standing


New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones was injured in the second half of the season after sustaining a hamstring injury in Week 12 against the Cincinnati Bengals. The Giants could win that game between 19 and 17, but Jones has missed two games in the past four weeks.

Unfortunately, without his runnability, DJ just isn’t that effective. As a pure pocket passer, Jones is struggling to excel in Jason Garrett’s offense, and that could be a result of his poor gaming reputation. However, the use of RPOs and his legs to keep opposing defenses honest is an important part of his game, and without them we have seen his battles.

Jones spoke to the media last week trying to sell the idea of ​​a conservative schedule. However, he has run well and has no injury label this week which could indicate 100% health and a possible return to his running strengths.

“I think you can tell from the tape that I can’t do a lot of the same things that I’m used to. I’ve been playing out of my pocket for the past few weeks and I assume I’ll keep doing this until I’m healthy. We’ll see what exactly, but I expect the schedule and what I’m supposed to do to be pretty similar to what we’ve seen in recent weeks. “

Just because he was looking at the tape, Jones failed to leave the bag and leave the field. It rolled out without hesitation or limp, showing that it is almost 100%. I think the Giants are going to be a little more aggressive considering the matchup against Dallas this week has an impact on the playoffs.

“It is certainly something that I need to be aware of about my mobility and my options, and something that I am aware that I am playing in the game,” said Jones. “But that’s how I’ve played in the last few weeks and somehow got used to it.”

Head coach Joe Judge would have liked Jones to have been a little vague with his answers, but it certainly threw a wrench into Dallas’ game plan. You have to be careful that Jones can’t walk and actually stays in his pocket. This might surprise you.

“I read Daniel’s comments yesterday,” said the judge. “Probably a little more accommodating than I would have done right there. But as I said yesterday, we will do everything we can to win the game. “

The New York Giants have relied on DJs’ legs a lot this season:

Jones has completed 406 yards in 13 games, nearing double his 2019 number. He didn’t get to the end zone by much in this category, but he averages 7.3 yards per carry and has made it a priority in his game. This was a factor that wasn’t expected to matter when Jones entered the NFL, but its increase in size and speed has made running football a huge asset for the Giants.

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