Doc Rivers addresses Sixers star Ben Simmons leaving New York report


There seems to be more drama surrounding the Philadelphia 76ers and their final visit to the Barclays Center to face the Brooklyn Nets on January 7th. The Sixers were forced to stay in New York overnight after security guard Seth Curry tested positive for the coronavirus and underwent the League of Health and Safety protocols.

However, Chris Haynes and Vincent Goodwill reported on their Posted Up podcast that Ben Simmons had left New York alone. The Sixers then had to call him back to New York for contact tracing and the like.

Goodwill reported:

What I gathered was that Ben Simmons left New York that evening. He left New York and went to Philadelphia. Must … apparently he probably hired a driver from a service … the team clearly figured it out. Here’s the one thing we know, Chris, based on restaurant logs and everything else that certain restaurants do in places that you can’t go to. There are no approved restaurants in New York City [by the NBA]If a team is in New York City, it has to stay there. Apparently Ben Simmons said, “No, I’m out” … I’m out, have a driver, and went back to Philly. I think the team figured it out. And I think Team Security, as you know, Team Security knows these things, they’re like the CIA, you know what I mean? You know what the writers are doing. This is like serious stuff. They find out Ben Simmons has to come back … and “magically” ends up on the injury report the next day, not playing. “Well who knows how you’d like to connect the dots.

Coach Doc Rivers was asked what happened before the team faced the Miami Heat at home on Tuesday.

“It wasn’t reported the way it sounds,” said Rivers. “Obviously we were all in a mess that night. A few people ordered cars because we all thought we could go back home. Ben was on my way, I called him and told him he couldn’t because of the logs and he just turned around and came back. “

The story goes on

The whole night was understandably a bit overwhelming for everyone involved. Once it turned out that Curry was positive, the team had to wait for the league’s guidance on what to do next.

“It wasn’t even a mix-up,” added Rivers. “There was no opening. We didn’t know anything then. I even ordered a car. We didn’t know what to do the next day. We thought we could go and get tested at home. Then we were told we couldn’t do that. After this game, many different moving parts were going on at the same time. “

This has been a wild week for Philadelphia as they continue to go through the league’s health and safety protocols. The hope is that they can get them all back on time and as healthy as possible.


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