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COOPERSTOWN – Anthony J. Casale, a veteran of politics and government, has been named commissioner to the State Board of Elections, a four-person body that oversees voting across the state.

The Cooperstown Republican was elected to the state assembly for nine terms before being named chairman of the state alcohol board in 1995.

The 73-year-old Casale from Herkimer was appointed to the electoral committee by Governor Andrew Cuomo on the recommendation of the Chairman of the Republican Party Nick Langworthy.

Casale is filling a position created by the resignation of former Nassau County Commissioner Gregory Peterson last year. The board consists of two Democratic and two Republican commissioners.

“We’re working with counties through the staff to make sure they have the resources and guidance to run the elections,” said Casale. “This is of course a very unique year.”

The county electoral boards will face a variety of challenges as a result of conducting the mission to conduct elections during a public health crisis.

“This year, the county boards are facing two issues – the large number of postal ballot papers that are expected to be given and the subsequent handling of COVID issues,” he said. “They are voting nationwide in church halls, schools and fire departments. Some of the places are not very large so they have to deal with the distancing requirements due to COVID. So there is a lot of work for the county boards to do.”

As part of its role in ensuring the integrity of elections, the board also reviews suspected violations of state electoral law.

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