‘I Love New York’ Star Kamal ‘Probability’ Givens Was Too Busy For Reunion



Kamal gives “chance” takes a page from Michael Corleone to explain why he was MIA with from a reunion show Tiffany “New York” Pollard … it’s not personal, it’s purely business.

Here’s the deal … Tiffany ripped out a chance to blow up “I Love New York Reunited” this week, saying it feels like he’s doomed on the entire reunion show. “Some of their former suitors questioned Chance’s manhood and called him a coward.

But Chance camp says he’s just too busy to take time to see you again because he’s got his hands full his own dating Show “One Mo ‘Chance” and a new film role.

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The fact is … Tiffany doesn’t need Chance to be famous anymore, unlike some guys who shoot him for not showing up.

Chance doesn’t sink to her level either … his staff say he wishes Tiffany the best for her recent engagement. He is glad that Tiffany finally found her match and they will remain friends for life.

We learned that Tiffany and Chance haven’t spoken since they saw each other and Chance understands why she’s pissed off. Chance also appeared on the OG show with his brother, the died 5 years agoand we were told that he did not want to ride this emotional roller coaster to relive that time and the loss of his brother.

Yes, Tiffany might want to give Chance a pass.

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