Information10NBC profiles the candidates for New York’s 27th Congressional District


Republican Chris Jacobs, a Buffalo businessman, won this special election and has been representing Washington’s 27th Congressional District for three months.

Jacobs sits on the House Agriculture Committee, an appointment he has asked to fight for farmers in western New York.

He says this election is about the future of our region.

“First get through this COVID crisis, reopen our economy and do it safely so we can get back to our lives,” said Jacobs. “And then we had good momentum in our region when we started creating new jobs. Unemployment went down before COVID. We have to get that back.”

Democrat Nate McMurray lost the special election to Jacobs by only 5%.

He hopes to secure the Congress seat on November 3rd for the next two years.

McMurray says he understands what people are going through here in West New York because he’s not a career politician.

He grew up one of seven children and lost his father at the age of four.

“I know what it is like to go through a lot of the struggles people are going through in West New York right now, and I will fight for them,” McMurray said. “I understand the importance of social security, I understand the importance of health care, and the importance of access to health care. So I’m someone who can relate to the people of NY-27 and will fight for them.”

Duane Whitmer, the libertarian candidate, says he knows people are frustrated with Washington.

Whitmer is an accountant and small business owner who says he wants to limit the size of government.

His biggest concern is the tax structure. He believes that more can be done to help small businesses along with low income families and working class families.

“All the conversations that 90% of people have say the same thing, they are devastated and upset about what the two parties are doing, the gap, the hatred, the back and forth while nothing is resolved, endless war, never ending expenses, never ending debt, red and blue teams fighting each other, it’s not an adult in the room, “said Whitmer.

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