New York Entrepreneur Pioneers Coronavirus Preventing Instruments to Preserve Services Secure


Evan “The Biz”

New York entrepreneur Evan “The Biz” is proud to introduce his new line of electrostatic sprayers. The SaniSprayer360 offers facilities of all sizes a safe and innovative approach to combating the “novel coronavirus” (COVID-19). The sprayers have gained prominence in the US and internationally. Evan found a way to bring the electrostatic sprayers to market when Clorox and other big brands couldn’t. He has supplied his groundbreaking sprayers to some of the largest companies and institutions. These include Fortune 500 companies: hotel chains, airlines, and school districts. This includes: the US military, care facilities, sports arenas, restaurants, and retail stores.

Evan “The Biz” turned his desire to help his hometown New York City into a multimillion-dollar business. He did this in just a few months. The technology of the electrostatic sprayers SaniSprayer360 makes disinfectants more effective and efficient. It does this by spraying an actively charged solution and using 75% fewer chemicals to get rid of germs and viruses, including the coronavirus. The electrostatic sprayers are both portable and cordless and can disinfect rooms up to 40,000 sf in one hour. At a time when thousands of businesses across the country are closing their doors, Evans Business offers the hope of reopening their doors with a safe solution.

Evan “The Biz”, the founder of SaniPro and other companies, has consistently scaled companies to the status of several million dollars. He has proven himself in the business as a successful developer, film producer, presenter, designer, maker, mentor and consultant. He is an entrepreneur of an entrepreneur; A futurist with vision, innovation and a desire to help his community.

SaniPro offers pandemic solutions. With the introduction of The SaniSprayer360, Evan revolutionized the way businesses and spaces can protect against COVID-19.

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