New York lawyer discusses what to anticipate in a Cuomo investigation


ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) – New York Attorney General Letitia James awaits a referral to investigate sexual harassment claims against Governor Andrew Cuomo, the AG said in a statement on Sunday.

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James would appoint an investigator to investigate these allegations after a second woman publicly accused Governor Cuomo this weekend.

NEWS10’s sister station in Rochester spoke to Mike Burger, an attorney in the Rochester area, to explain what the process might look like. Burger told WROC the process was like an internal investigation into sexual harassment by an employer.

“Each of the witnesses would be interviewed, the complainant would be interviewed. In this case, if the defendant was willing to speak, he would also be interviewed, ”said Burger.

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After interviews, according to Burger, the results and a recommendation from the lawyer responsible would follow. “Whether the attorney general or someone else deals with it, there is necessarily a political component,” added Burger. “Because we are dealing with a political actor.”

Local lawmakers from across the political spectrum have advocated an investigation into the governor’s behavior.

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“If the attorney general is able to obtain subpoena powers and summon the governor, he will have to make some political and legal decisions regarding his response,” continued Burger.

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