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MUNCY – According to Detective Raymond O. Kontz III. A man was brought back here from New York state late Friday morning to be charged on multiple counts of alleged molesting a teen in the county in the summer of 2019.

Little Falls, 36-year-old Casey Lewis Guyer was brought before District Judge Jon E. Kemp and charged with a total of 25 crimes or misdemeanors.

Kontz has charged Guyer with two charges of rape and grave indecent assault, three charges of sexual assault, four charges of involuntary deviant sexual intercourse, indecent exposure and corruption of the morality of a minor, five charges of indecent assault and one charge of assault.

Kontz said Guyer and the victim know each other and Guyer has had inappropriate contact with the teenager on several occasions.

“There have allegedly been other incidents where this happened in Williamsport, Loyalsock Township, and New York State.” Said Kontz. The Child Advocacy Center in Superbly supported the investigation.

Following his indictment, Guyer was sent to Lycoming County Jail in lieu of $ 150,000 bail.

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