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NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – New York City prepares for a major winter storm.

New York City public schools are all secluded on Thursday, and school buildings are closed.

For al fresco dining, restaurants do not need to dismantle their structures, but tables, chairs and heaters need to be removed.

As Andrea Grymes of CBS2 reports, it was a race against the clock as the storm approached.

A bartender picked up the patio furniture in Deaon Brodie’s tavern on Restaurant Row in Hell’s Kitchen.

“It is what it is,” he said. “The weather is coming. We have to do what we can. “

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From Restaurant Row in Hell’s Kitchen, where workers were taking down the alfresco dining options, to the Upper East Side, where crews ran to finish one at JG Melon.

“We want to try to cut the snow and have it ready for them so they can open up to business as soon as they clear the snow.” said Jack Legg, co-founder of NYC Outdoor Dining.

A small crowd ate lunch across the restaurant before street food officially closed at 2pm in town

James Whelan, manager of JG Melon, says their structures are sturdy, but they are concerned about how the plowing could affect them.

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“It’s a question of what’s going to happen,” he said. “We are waiting eagerly, but we are optimistic that everything will be fine.”

The city’s sanitary department says it has the equipment and trained labor needed to get the job done during that first storm to navigate outdoor restaurants. The acting commissioner promises that they will come to every street, but asks New Yorkers to be patient.

“Plowing NYC streets during this event will be slow and methodical. When visibility is poor, our plow operators take extra time to look for pedestrians in the way and watch out for food on the street, ”said Ed Grayson, assistant sanitary commissioner.

If you have to travel tonight – the city asks you to rely on local transport, but remember – the subways will still be closed from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. for COVID cleaning.

As for outdoor street food – the mayor hopes it can be reopened sometime tomorrow – depending on the weather.

Indoor dining was suspended for two weeks on Monday.

Mayor Bill de Blasio warned Tuesday it could be the biggest storm the city has seen in years.

“We can safely say that this is going to be a serious storm and people must take it seriously,” he said. “You need to be prepared for a disruptive storm and make adjustments immediately.”


The crews trained on smaller machines to get through narrow alleys.

“For our tighter block reactions, we have Holsner, which is just a small version of our salt-strewn flights,” said Grayson. “In the off-season we took a look at where the restaurants were. We went out and did on-site inspections to determine the lane widths. And we’ve adjusted our routes so that smaller parts can serve the areas that are narrower. “

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