New York State Companions with BioReference Laboratories to Spearhead the NY Ahead COVID-19 Fast Take a look at Program to Assist Reopen the New York Economic system


BioReference opened 8 locations for COVID-19 rapid tests in New York as part of the NY Forward Rapid Testing Program

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Using a mobile device or computer, a person can schedule a quick COVID-19 test by visiting the NY Forward website here. In following best practices, everyone must have an appointment and pay in advance with a cashless experience. Individuals will receive their results in 30 minutes or less, sent via secure email so they can provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 result.

Individuals who do not experience symptoms of COVID-19 and who have not been recently known to have been exposed to COVID-19 can take part in this initiative by visiting the participating locations and completing an eligibility questionnaire. Individuals must continue to adhere to all New York Forward reopening guidelines, including but not limited to the use of face covering, social distancing, and other protocols.

Healthcare providers, businesses, and pharmacies interested in participating in NY Forward can send emails [email protected] Learn more about participating or requesting a website near you.

“Headquarters in the New York City Metropolitan area, one of the most famous places in the world, we are proud to be working with the New York State to support efforts to help businesses reopen safely and efficiently, “he said Jon R. Cohen, MD, Executive Chairman of BioReference Laboratories. “BioReference designed this digital solution specifically so that individuals can get an affordable COVID-19 test and their results within 30 minutes.”

The following test locations are available for the New York Forward Rapid Test Program:

  1. 6 West 52nd Street, new York, NY 10019 – one block from the 5th Avenue and 53rd Street subway station
  2. 1700 Broadway, new York, NY 10019 – one block from the 7th Avenue subway station
  3. 599 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10022 – one block from the 59th Street subway station
  4. CVS Pharmacy, 27 N 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249 – one block from the North Williamsburg Ferry Terminal and four blocks from the Bedford Avenue subway station
  5. CVS Pharmacy, 30-97 Steinway Street, Astoria, NY 11103 – Two blocks from the Steinway Street subway station and the 46 Street subway station
  6. CVS Pharmacy, Williamsburg Road 1916, Bronx, NY 10461 – about five blocks from the Morris Park subway station
  7. CVS Pharmacy, 2182 Broadway, new York, NY 10024 – two blocks from the 79th Street subway station
  8. CVS Pharmacy, 475 6th Avenue, new York, NY10011 – two blocks from the 14th Street subway station and Path Station, and three blocks from the 9th Street subway station

To schedule a COVID-19 rapid test and participate in the NY Forward Rapid Testing Program, please visit:

About BioReference Laboratories, Inc.
BioReference Laboratories, Inc. is the largest full-service specialty laboratory in The United States This enables healthcare providers and patients to make confident healthcare decisions. With a focus on genetics, oncology, urology and women’s health, BioReference offers comprehensive testing solutions and unparalleled expertise based on a 40 year heritage of proven science. The company is networked with the largest health plans The United States, cares for around 19 million patients annually, operates a network of 11 laboratory locations and is supported by more than one medical staff 300 M..D., DO, Ph.D., genetic counselors and other professional clinical and scientific personnel. With a national presence and niche market experience, BioReference provides credible and innovative solutions that meet the needs of employers, government agencies, education systems, hospitals and health systems, correctional institutions, sports leagues, travel and leisure industries, and retail markets. BioReference offers industry-leading custom solutions for COVID-19, including point-of-care testing and extensive screening programs.

About OPKO Health
OPKO is a multinational biopharmaceuticals and diagnostics company committed to establishing industry-leading positions in large, fast-growing markets by leveraging its expertise in discovery, development, commercialization, and novel and proprietary technologies. More information is available at

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