New York Yankees information: Clarke Schmidt will get an opportunity to start out


New York Post | Joel Sherman: The Yankees are reportedly planning to get Clarke Schmidt, a top pitching prospect, to start on Sunday. On the surface, this seems like a way to keep the post-season rotation on schedule, but Sherman believes it could mean more. He believes the outing could serve as an audition for a spot on the postseason list. The 24-year-old Schmidt threw 2.1 innings with the Big League team earlier this season, where he allowed two well-earned runs and beat three batters. | Brendan Kuty: There has been speculation in the baseball world for the past week that Steve Cohen, who was looking to buy the Mets, was going to cause a stir by stealing Brian Cashman from the Yankees. The idea first surfaced in a podcast with Karl Ravech on ESPN. Cashman himself appeared on Jon Heyman’s podcast and confirmed that he heard the idea and that while this is flattering, it is not based on reality. “It was a really nice compliment, I can say that,” said the longtime GM.

The alarm clock | Ben Lindbergh: how much is a player worth? What is the exact value it offers? These are some of the questions fans, sabermetrics, and front office managers have debated for decades. While WAR (win over replacement) is now an accepted yardstick, it has not always been the case. Lindbergh traces the intellectual story behind player value in this long but important article. He receives bonus points for the Phil Rizzuto section.

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