Pink, Orange And Yellow Coronavirus Zones | NYC Week In Assessment


NEW YORK CITY – Here’s a recap of the top headlines from New York City this week.

New Cuomo Plan Targets NYC Coronavirus Clusters

NEW YORK CITY – A major new plan by Governor Andrew Cuomo will place restrictions on places of worship and shut down non-essential businesses and schools in concentric three-ring zones around Brooklyn … Read More

Check to see if your NYC neighborhood falls under a coronavirus exclusion zone

NEW YORK CITY – One side of a boundary between new coronavirus cluster zones may be the difference between high school students, a casual evening at a restaurant, or a business … Read more

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124 NYC schools are closing in new coronavirus zones

NEW YORK CITY – More than 120 schools in new coronavirus restricted areas in Brooklyn and Queens closed Thursday as the city tried to contain worrying outbreaks. The mandatory closings … Read more

Local coronavirus closings in NYC begin Thursday, De Blasio says

NEW YORK CITY – Swaths of Brooklyn and Queens will revert to strict coronavirus lockdowns for at least 14 days starting Thursday, Mayor Bill de Blasio said. The shutdowns follow a … Read more

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More than half of NYC students under full distance learning

NEW YORK CITY – Fewer and fewer New York parents want their children to be part of the ambitious plan to reopen the school in the city. Completely distant students now make up 50.2 percent of all … Read more

Gun arrests high, murders in September: NYPD

NEW YORK CITY – September ended as a particularly bloody month in New York City, according to newly released crime statistics. At its end, murders claimed the lives of 51 New Yorkers and police officers … Read more

Maya Wiley competes in a crowded NYC Mayor race

NEW YORK CITY – Another candidate is aspiring to become New York’s next mayor – a job its current owner recently said he would not push anyone to. Maya Wiley, a former top lawyer in town … Read More

De Blasio’s Trump-Mocking Mask Video draws ridicule

NEW YORK CITY – The music swelled as Mayor Bill de Blasio dramatically strapped himself onto a mask, delivered a greeting and turned the heel into a town hall. The performance captured in a 20 second video wasn’t that subtle … Read More

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