Rookie Lawmaker Favored New York’s State of State Handle, However Desires Particulars


TOMPKINS COUNTY, NY (WSKG) – Anna Kelles, a member of the Freshman New York State Assembly, was pleased with most of what she heard in Governor Andrew Cuomo’s speeches about the state of the state this week.

The speech takes place every year at the beginning of the legislature and sets the priorities of the governor for the legislature. This year the speech was virtual and divided into four parts. The parts were delivered by Cuomo Monday through Thursday.

Anna Kelles represents the seat of the 125th Assembly in New York. (Screenshot, Celia Clarke / WSKG)

Kelles is a Democrat who ran on a progressive agenda. She said she welcomed the governor’s outline for the environment and a green economy. This includes building a green infrastructure with domestic production, creating a green workforce and improving the state’s transmission lines.

“That’s nice. That covers the whole thing. It’s the details that are important and yet to be determined. What worries me is the lack of explicit investment in all of these things in the southern plain.”

Kelles said she hadn’t heard anything that would cause her to change her priorities.

“I run campaigns and prioritize a platform based on the things I think we need,” she said. “So these things are still things that we need. Universal health care and universal child care are fundamental. A focus on education, a focus on housing. Those things are still there and I am working with coalitions on these issues. “

Kelles predicts that the New York Health Act will pass this year. The law would guarantee health care for all New Yorkers.

Kelles represents the 125th Congregation District, which includes Tompkins and part of the counties of Cortland. Kelles is from Ithaca and is a former lawmaker for the county.

The district was represented by Barbara Lifton, who retired in late 2020.

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