Sauk Prairie Excessive Faculty alumni residing dream as performers in New York Metropolis | Regional information


“That first year was kind of a test run to see if there was any interest,” said Porubsky.

He said the NYC Street Theater’s plan is to open auditions for other performance schools in New York in January.

The group follows state restrictions on hosting outdoor performances, including wearing face shields and setting up a perimeter to maintain a social distance of six feet from the audience and performers, he said. The group has been staging gigs in subway terminals due to COVID-19 restrictions on sound permits, Porubsky said. There is a donation page on his website.

“We’re really just having fun getting musical theater back on the streets of New York,” said Porubsky.

Many of their cast members are from Virginia, South Carolina, Illinois, Washington state, and Wisconsin. While the organization has its own cast members, Porubsky said the hope is to invite guest actors in the near future.

“One of our goals is to be kind of a building block in people’s careers and to be something that people are proud to be a part of,” he said.

Thinking about the future, Porubsky said his “book is open” to many industry opportunities, from acting on Broadway to directing and working for music agencies. Barsness said she works in the theater anyway and makes a steady living, whether it’s a hairdresser, performer or theater manager. She also wants to help expand the NYC Street Theater.

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