Third individual shoved onto New York Metropolis subway tracks inside per week


Authorities in New York were looking for a suspect on Monday who allegedly pushed a man onto subway tracks. Police say this is the third such attack in a week.

The alleged attack occurred on Sunday evening at Atlantic Avenue Station in Brooklyn after the suspect yelled at the victim in a train car, New York Police Department said.

After the subway stopped and the couple got out of the car, the suspect allegedly pushed the 29-year-old man onto the tracks below, police said. The man suffered minor injuries and got back on the platform alone, the police said.

The surveillance video released on Sunday shows a man in a dark jacket and sweatshirt pushing the victim off the platform. Someone nearby reaches for the suspected attacker, who slaps the person’s hand away before they leave.

Two other incidents occurred on Wednesday evening at 42nd Street / Bryant Park station and on Thursday at Union Square station in Manhattan.

In the first incident, a suspect allegedly pushed a UPS employee onto the tracks after refusing to give the man money. In the second case, a homeless man is said to have pushed a woman onto the tracks just before a train approached.

The woman landed on the two rails and kept her head bowed as the train passed over her.

“These horrific attacks have absolutely no place in our system,” MTA representative Andrei Berman said in a statement last week. We will continue to work closely with law enforcement to keep New Yorkers safe while driving. “

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