Trump enterprise backlash a part of ‘cancel tradition,’ son says


NEW YORK (AP) – The PGA has canceled their tournament on its golf course. Banks say they will stop lending to him. New York City plans to end its contract to operate the Central Park ice rink.

Hits for President Donald Trump’s business empire as the deadly riots in the US Capitol are part of a liberal “culture of cancellation,” his son Eric told The Associated Press on Tuesday, saying his father would leave the presidency with a strong brand that is supported by millions of voters who will follow him “to the end of the world”.

“We live in the age of demolition culture, but that didn’t start this week. It’s something they’ve been doing to us and others for years, ”said Trump, who has run the family business with his brother Donald Jr. since their father took office four years ago. “If you disagree with them, if they don’t like you, they try to turn you down.”

The remarks in an in-depth interview with the AP come amid an extraordinary backlash against the Trump organization after thousands of the President’s supporters stormed the Capitol in a violent riot last week to prevent lawmakers from confirming Joe Biden’s presidential victory.

Among the charges Trump made on the mob, the PGA of America voted to sweep its eponymous championship off the golf course at Trump’s Bedminister, New Jersey, next year. A UK golf organization said the British Open will not be played on Trump property “for the foreseeable future”. E-commerce company Shopify stopped helping run the online Trump store, and New York City announced contracts with it Trump to terminate ice rinks and a golf course in the Bronx.

“The president instigated a rebellion against the government of the United States, a clearly unconstitutional act,” said Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio. “That is unforgivable.

And perhaps most worryingly, several banks, including one of its largest lenders, Deutsche Bank, have reportedly announced that they will no longer lend to Trump’s companies, increasing the chances that the president may have to dig into his own pockets. to pay his loans when he can’t refinance.

“We have seen the President of the United States encourage the rioters and fail to call on the National Guard to protect Congress in the fulfillment of its duties,” said a bank that severed ties, New York Signature Bank, Trump Once so close was his daughter Ivanka on the board.

Eric Trump looked relaxed but combative when he called from his office in Trump Tower. He dismissed the hits as not a major threat to a company that has minimal debt – $ 400 million against billions of assets – and can access its vast real estate holdings for cash at any time, let alone the loyalty of those working on the Hold on to President.

“You have a man a hundred million Americans would follow to the end of the world,” said Eric Trump. “He created the largest political movement in American history and the possibilities are endless.”

Despite this bullish view, the limited data available for his private company suggests that the Trump Organization’s golf courses, as well as other parts of his business, may be in trouble.

The two Scottish golf courses have lost money for years, they had to take more than 1,000 workers off last year because of the coronavirus, condo prices in Trump apartment buildings have plummeted, and the company has been unsuccessful in its plans to sell one to The Trump International Hotel in Washington DC is the most famous hotel

A person who does business with members of Trump’s Golf Club in Bedminster said several members are thinking of freezing their membership following the riot at the Capitol and that it will be difficult to attract new members to join.

“You don’t want to be publicly ashamed of being a member of his golf club,” said the person who asked for anonymity because she doesn’t want to lose her clients’ business. “Do you think a man who works for a finance company or a drug company would want his picture in the paper?”

Eric Trump and his father spoke to the crowd on January 6, before many of them stormed the Capitol building, breaking barriers, attacking the police, demolishing the building and killing five people.

“Have a backbone. Show some struggle. Learn from Donald Trump, “said Eric Trump, before telling them to” march on the Capitol. “

President Trump said Tuesday during a visit to the border wall in Texas that he had no responsibility for sparking the uprising, warning that efforts to indict him for his comments only threatened to divide the country further, “which is great.” is dangerous “.

Eric Trump was asked directly in his interview if he felt that his father had poked the crowd. He paused and then the line was cut.

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