Two monstrous New York Giants-related bets led to $1 million in playing losses in Week 3


Betting on a winning team in the NFL is always a risk, and someone learned that lesson the hard way in Week 3 when they lost $ 1 million after betting two $ 500,000 bets on the New York Giants had completed. The two bets were placed on the DraftKings Sportsbook.

On one of the bets, our gambling friend decided to bet on the Giants to cover the four point spread. Basically the Giants didn’t even have to win the game, they just had to lose by three points or less and the bettor would have won some serious money (a four point loss would have resulted in a push and the bettor would have got their money back).

Unfortunately for our weather, the Giants didn’t come through for him in a 36-9 loss to the 49ers. Although this game was a blowout on the scoreboard, it was pretty close for the most part of three-quarters. Five minutes before the end of the third quarter, the 49ers were only leading 16: 9, but then the wheels for the Giants fell off the car and the blowout occurred.

While betting on the Giants seemed kind of insane at this point, it actually made sense in this game, and that’s because the 49ers lacked NINE STARTERS.

For the second bet of $ 500,000, our gambling friend bet that Daniel Jones would throw more than 150 yards. With Nick Bosa and Richard Sherman both traveling for San Francisco, it wasn’t that crazy betting on Jones. However, Jones definitely didn’t take advantage of the 49ers’ impoverished defense. If anything, they took advantage of him. With four minutes left to play in the fourth quarter, Jones only had 136 passes in a game that ended with 179. Basically, he didn’t get anywhere near the 245 yards it took our gambling friend to win his bet.

One thing that is not clear is whether one person lost $ 1 million betting on the Giants or whether two people lost $ 500,000 each. Upon reaching through the Action Network, a DraftKings spokesperson would not reveal whether it was a bettor or two placing the $ 500,000 bets. Either way, this is the kind of loss that stings.

Of course, week 3 wasn’t a loss for everyone. For example, the player below won $ 36,000 after betting $ 1,000 that Patrick Mahomes would be the first player to score on touchdown in the Chiefs’ 34:20 win over the Ravens on Monday.

If you’re wondering how someone reacts when they win $ 36,000, you’re in luck because we have the following video.

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